Paws of Combat Contest – Win a Character Slot –

To enter you have to draw, commission, model, or otherwise describe the character you want to submit in detail. A back story is a plus and scores points in the contest. A great looking character isn’t necessary, but it will be judged by impartial parties. (I can never host these contests by myself since I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. >.<)

More rules:

Characters cannot be human. Characters must be anthro. (Scalies, birds, furries, etc.) Must be a two legged character (no feral or four legged walking characters). Characters cannot use weapons!

Pictures do not have to be reference images. They can be any image owned by you and that you have permission from the artist to use in the contest. You may commission an artist to create your character image, but you have to get permission from the artist that you may use it and that it may be used in promotional materials (on this and other websites) for the game. (Some artists allow this as long as you pay extra. You can also commission some very good artists from to do artwork or line work for you.)

You may model your own character but the rules for that are no using premade (Krystal or Melody and Micah) models to do so. You can use Genesis, Victoria, Michael to do so.

You cannot submit a copyrighted character. (For example… If your character looks like Ratchet it can’t be used. Sorry, this is to keep out of a possible legal dispute later in the game’s development.)

for-contest<—- Your entry must bear the Paws of Combat logo on the picture. The logo has a transparent background so it won’t mess up a picture.





Your submission must be to Furaffinity, Deviantart, or Facebook and a link must be shouted or placed in the proper journal or on the Paws of Combat’s facebook page. You must also tag your submission Paws_of_Combat_entry (Makes it easier to find without having to search around.) I will also gather all the links to the entries so that others can see them.


No purchase necessary to enter.

Don’t spam others about the contest.

Follow the rules.


Depending on the number of entries there may be more than 1 winner! (The more entries the more chances I will accept more than 1 winner.) In the event of a tie… Both will win or a tie breaker will be announced.

That’s it… Contest ends October 16th. A whole month to get those entries in.