Voice Actresses Wanted

Got a good microphone?

Do you have a range of good (great) female voices?

Do you want to voice a character in a video game?

Great! Then you’re what we need! Paws of Combat is looking for female voice actresses to voice some of our female characters! Compensation will be credit for the voices in the game. (The game will be released for free once completed.) A link from the game to your website, and if you want it a character in the game itself!!

Here’s what you need to do.

Send an email to Imagorabbit at gmail.com with your demo or a link to your demo. If your demo is watermarked with sounds please let me know ahead of time. So, I don’t think it is a bad microphone.

Lines you can use for a demo specifically are:

Hi, my name is Rayne!




And a lot of sounds like you’re being hit, and hitting others. So exertion noises.

Voice actresses will be chosen in December so please get those demos in now!

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