The Winner!

First I will announce the way the judges graded the pictures.

Sexiness, fighting ability, fan appeal, color appeal, what they thought of the picture, what they liked, what they didn’t, and then what score they gave the character.

Then I had to tally up all those scores to find the winner. (Which is why it took me so long.) So, I apologize for the delay.

The grand prize winner is eradragon with the entry (Which was nearly unanimous with sexiness.)

Runner up with color, what they liked, and the score is bloodgod245 with the entry

The third place awarded for overall presentation is NJ997 What they liked is that the submission was created for the contest.

So, there are the winner. The two runner ups get their character in a background stage of Paws of Combat. The grand prize winner gets their character in the game as a playable character. 🙂

Thank you everyone who entered the contest. It was a very close race and I would have loved for everyone to be a winner, but there was just no way. But there will be other contests and this won’t be the last game I’ll create!! 😀 So, thank you again for entering.



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